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Homework – Miss Bleser


What Will You Buy?


Pretend that Miss Bleser walks into class one day and announces to the class that she has inherited millions of dollars from a long-lost relative.  She is so happy that she says that she will give each of her wonderful students $500 to spend at the store, or stores, of their choice if each of her students can present a plan about what they want to buy.  Each student also has to prove, through using addition, that they have not exceeded the $500 limit.  They will also need to write a paragraph explaining what they want to buy and why.  Wouldn’t it be great to have $500?


Your Assignment:


1.  Find an advertisement from a store.  These advertisements are found in the weekly Sunday paper and many stores have them available when you walk in the door.  Many stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us also have their weekly advertisements online.


2.  Use the advertisement to pick items that you would like to buy.  You may spend no more than $500. (Don’t worry about tax)


3.  Make a presentation that lists the items you want to buy, and the amount of the items.  Total your list when you are finished to show Miss Bleser that you have not spent more than $500.  How you create your presentation is up to you.  You could make a poster, a list on paper, a spreadsheet, a PowerPoint presentation, an iMovie, or if you have a better idea that is fine.  Be creative.


4.  Write a paragraph explaining what you want to buy and why.  Did you pick items only for yourself or did you pick items for your family?  How will you use the items that you buy?


5.  Be prepared to stand up in front of the class and explain what you want to buy and why.



Your project is due on Wednesday, December 13th.  This is the only homework you will have this week so make sure you do a great job!



Grading Rubric:


Project is completed on time:  10 pts.

Student has a list of items and the price for each item:  20 pts.

Student has totaled the list of items correctly:  20 pts.

Student has written a paragraph:  20 pts.

Proper spelling and grammar:  10 pts.

Student created a way to present their information:  10 pts.

Oral presentation:  10 pts.


Bonus Points will be given for Creativity and Neatness  


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