Daily Five Menu

Read to Self

Read to Someone

Work on Writing

Listen to Reading

Word Work

Book Pocket/ Library Books

What did you read?


 (read and respond journal)

Big Books

What did you and your partner read?


Do Read and Respond together

Sticker Stories

Choose 5 stickers to make a picture, then write a story about the picture you made!

Books on Tape

What did you listen to?


(read and respond journal)

Word Bin

Make & write your spelling words

Choose one:

* Magnets

* Scented Markers

* stamp letters


Go to

“Things to Do”

and read a book

(read and respond journal)

Scholastic News

Go to Student Signin,

Password: Gibbens2016

Click on any article and do activities together.

Writing Journal

(write about anything on your mind OR use a prompt from your yellow folder)

What topic did you choose?


Kids A-Z on iPad:

Choose a book in On Your Own Book Room and listen to it!

Spelling City

Choose your spelling sort & do:

Teach Me __

Test Me __

Play 1 Game __

EPIC! on the iPad

Read a book on EPIC!  **NO HEADPHONES!!!**

Fluency Cards

Each partner get a puppet. Read a fluency card together using the puppets!


Penguins on Ice

Choose from 3 games to practice capitalization, punctuation, and making sense of sentences

Listen and Read NonFiction

What did you listen to?


(read and respond journal)


Play “Classic”; use the letters to make words and earn points!

KIDS A-Z on the iPad

Find your name and choose a book out of the Reading Room to read.  No headphones!!!

High Frequency Word Cards

Third 100

How many can you read in one minute?

1st Try ______

2nd Try ______

Picture Writing

Choose a picture from a magazine and write about it on the paper!

Robert Munsch

Choose 2 books to read and go to the website to hear him read them.

Read & Respond Journal

ABC Order:

Choose 10 words from the Red Tub. Put them in ABC order, then write them on the long paper.

Poetry Engine

Do the activities in the Poetry Machine, then write a poem of your own in your R&R Journal!

Wordless Books

Choose 3 books with your partner and make up the story as you go along!


Choose one thing to draw, draw it, and write about it in your BEST handwriting!


Listen to a NONFICTION book on EPIC. Write what you learned on your R&R journal.

Wikki Stix

Make 10 Word Wall words with Wikki Stix on your desk


Choose a puppet and read a Good Fit Book to or with it!

File Folder Games

Dance Mat Typing

Practice your typing skills!


Go to Listen to Reading on Mrs. Gibbens’ website

Look Cover Write and Check

Choose an activity to do.

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