iStation Vocabulary Words

April Vocabulary Words

allele - an alternative form of a gene
articles - sections
contemporary - modern
decision - choice
development - progress
etiquette - manners
immigrant - a person who comes from one country and lives in another
intervention - involvement
introvert - a shy quiet person
loyalist - one who remains faithful for a government during a revolution
lyre - a stringed instrument similar to a small harp
microscopic - very small
mutation - an event that changes genetic structure
organism - a living thing
perspiration - sweat
philosophy - a personal belief about how things are
plasma - part of the blood
precision - exactness
prediction - forecast
production - construction
quotient - result
resistance - opposition
significance - importance
tariff - tax
theory - a set of ideas based on evidence
transport - carry
urgency- quickness
vegetation- plants and trees
velocity- speed
watt-a unit of electric power
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