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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Helpers,      
     Homework should take about 30 minutes to complete. If your student is taking significantly longer, I ask you to consider that perhaps some basic skills are not automatic as they should be. The additional time to complete the homework will ultimately build automaticity and increase your student's success. 

     Homework is completed each night and turned in daily. 

     Homework will consist of the following: spelling word/phonics practice, math fact practice, vocabulary word practice, and cursive writing practice. Five minutes of focused work on each task will generate progress. Thursday's homework will be a short writing and editing task. 

      It is encouraged to establish a ROUTINE for homework. Completing the homework at the same time each day increases independence and positive attitude toward skill practice. Furthermore, it decreases conflict and stress around homework. It is also encouraged to have a special spot to complete homework. This location should include extra pencils with erasers, a timer if beneficial, and be free of distraction.  Again, consistency in designated location and time decrease conflict and procrastination while increasing independence. 

     Please allow your child to initially complete the homework on his or her own. Checking the homework for accuracy, neatness, and completion is beneficial. Smile and offer three compliments in regards to your students work or work ethic before offering corrective feedback.  

     Thank you for all you do as parents! Your partnering is deeply appreciated. 
                                                                                                     Ms. Garner



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